Mission StatementEdit

The Zulu Party will thrive because we are not going to take stance for or against any of the existing economical politics (i.e.: Capitalism vs Socialism). At our very core, we support Feudalism, but built on top of that, and more immediately, we are here to prove ourselves to be great polititians.

We are anti-prejudice and are open to all different beliefs and religions. 

We are the everyman's party, not because we don't have ideals of our own, but because we look out for everyone in our glorious nation.

We are here to make allies, not enemies, and set the world to rights through politics.

Platform Edit

-The construction of ruins to lure many tourists.

-The legalization of any illicit substance.

-Global access to free education.

-The promotion of sports and any physical activities.

-The freedom to believe in any god but the secularism of State.

-The abolition of firearms.

-The total freedom of internet and the abolition of state control on it.

-Promote physical and mental health.

-Ensure human rights are met globally.

-Freedom of speech.

-The great love of boats and buffalo

Our Eventual Goals Edit

In the eyes of the Zulu party, the perfect world can only be achieved should we reach these goals.


1. The total conversion of society to the feudal system Edit

-The voiding of monetary customs

-The autonomy of the people in a Feudal-Oikos lifestyle

-The return of feudal aristocracy as a martially dominating class

-The return of feudal economy oriented around land distribution

-The dividing of Union themed oversized states into local feudal states

-The right to openly carry any weapon beside firearms

-The abolition of firearms as a global effort to go back in technological warfare and give importance to feudal martial aristocracy

2. Atlantropa Edit

The Atlantropa Project, first devised by Herman Sörgel in the 1920's, will combine the world into three blocs; America, Asia, and Atlantropa (Consisting of Europe and Africa). If you wish to understand more about this undertaking, please Google it you lazy prick.

3. //Project: HARPOON// Edit

-Stamp out #FatAcceptance

-Idolise the pinnacle of health

-Obese people must attend rehabilitation


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