"Trust the modern man to discard of the knowledge of his ancestors." - Hildolf of Thule

"It is better to spend one day völkisch, than it is to spend a lifetime degenerate." - Iron Pill



The Völkisch Party is a traditionalist pan-European party which seeks to restore Europa to her former glory and win the great culture war. The Völkisch Party is a new addition to the /pol/ parliament looking for virtuous members and a true leader, feel free to join and make edits at your whim.

Platform Edit

-Reverse the state of decline in the Western world.

-Bring about the Dark Enlightenment.

-Wage war against degeneracy.

-Escalate humanity's condition through virtue and physical training.

-Revolt against the modern world.

-Destruction of the modern academic-left intelligentsia (including feminism, marxism, progressivism and all forms of SJW shittery)

Party colourEdit



Magnus !!ZLy7bPGmdgm (Founder and temporary leader)



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